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HF38B – Semi-professional RF meter for High Frequency (800 MHz – 3.3 GHz) – details –

  • Reliable meter to evaluate radiation caused by GSM mobile radios, cor
  • Improved antenna-h/v-decoupling and minimised ripple compared to similar HF meters
  • Frequency range: 800 MHz up to 2,500 MHz (3,300 Mhz with additional tolerance)
  • Measuring range: 0.01 μW/m² up to 19,990 μW/m²
  • Accuracy: 6 dB, 7 digits

HF38B RF meter is a semi-professional meter, allows easy monitoring of the exposure to HF/RF electromagnetic radiation in frequency range from 800MHz to 2.5GHz (3,300 MHz with additional tolerance). Clearly simplified measurements due to “peak-hold” function. Very precise and reliable analyzer to identify the intensity and the source of RF radiation, emitted from transmitters, cellular antennas, cellular phones, WIFI and etc.. It allows a straight forward assessment of the exposure, a determination of suitable remedial actions, as well as a control of their effectiveness. The device come with a mechanically stable antenna with excellent directionality, allowing a reliable location of the source of radiation. Digital display shows the total exposure within measured frequency range. The meter is easy to use, designed specifically for non-expert users.

HF38B – Semi-professional electromagnetic field meter for High Frequency 800 MHz – 3.3 GHz.Amazon Image